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The hardest part of putting together a wind power turbine is actually the blades. The key here is you want the most efficient blade there is for catching that wind and turning it into rotational energy. While the math involved is way to complicated for most of us there are plenty of information on the web that puts it into layman's terms and also suggests sources that are very low cost or down right free.The assembly is very easy and cam be done with a simple piece of angle steal, large hose clamp and a piece of sheet metal for the fin.
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For those of you with a sweet tooth, satisfy it by eating a fruit dessert. Today's diets are full of refined sugar, including unhealthy sugars, like high fructose corn syrup. Natural fruits don't have unnatural sugars which reduces your chances of getting diabetes and becoming obese. You will benefit from natural fruits in other ways like getting some more fiber, minerals and vitamins as well as other nutrients.
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Whatever your reason may be, your quality of life does not need to suffer because you are living off the grid. Matter of fact, the quality of life may be better than being connected to the grid. There is really only one simple, but major, rule that must be adhered to: you can not live beyond your means in terms of energy usage. In other words, you must produce as much if not more electricity than you use. So energy conservation is paramount to your ability of living off the grid. Just remember that a dollar worth of energy conservation can save $3-$5 in energy generation costs.
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